TOR Browser is now available for Android, Official App released on Google PlayStore

If you're a Computer Geek or if you have a keen interest in Cyber Security then you must have heard about TOR.

Yes, you're right, TOR, the most trusted browser for maintaining privacy and anonymity on Internet.

The TOR Project has recently released the official TOR Browser App on Google Play Store for Android. Before this browser was available on a Beta (unstable) phase but know it has released the stable (Alpha) version, so it's named as "TOR Browser Alpha".

Earlier, the TOR Browser was officially not available for Android, to connect to TOR network from Android there was no other way than to use Orbot as a TOR Bridge Connection & Orfox as a browser (Both of this apps are developed by The TOR Project).

But now using this TOR Browser app is very easy, download & install it on your Android Device, connect to TOR Network & you're all set.

The default search engine of TOR Browser is DuckDuckGo, it's a search engine just like Google but it is much more concerned about user privacy & has advanced privacy features.

Here are some screenshots of the TOR Browser on Android & the Playstore link is also given below. Have a nice day!

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