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This blog is started to post technology articles, programming, ethical hacking tutorials, etc.
It's hard to list out all the topics posted on this blog, because even we don't know how to list them all! Basically, if you are a computer geek, you'll love this blog!

Because we are just like you! We worship computers. So, there will be a wide range of articles related to computers on this blog.

And, when I say "computers", I'm not only referring to desktop computers that have a monitor, CPU, keyboard, etc., but I mean every gadget that is designed to help humans.

This blog is started by Teja Swaroop (the one writing this about page). I am primarily a YouTuber with over 3 lakh subscribers. I love computers, and hence, you're seeing this blog.

There are other writers on this blog too, you can see the Authors Page to know them!

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