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MSI GP75 - The Beast Gaming Laptop - Review

It's summer and almost everyone wants to buy a new laptop, computer, smartphone, etc. As a student, we all claim it as a 'Study Laptop' or a laptop to help us in learning new things but deep down we all know, we need a beast laptop for gaming, movies, netflix and yes! Studying....

Luckily, I (Priyank Gada) was invited by MSI to review GP75 Leopard Series Laptops and GE65 Raider Series Laptops. So Here's the review!

To Conclude - GE65 is better than GP75, GE65 sports a 240Hz Display and supports upto 3 external displays with 4K at 60Hz where as GP75 performs at 140Hz with 2 external display with 4K 60HZ.


NVIDIA GeForce RTX delivers the ultimate laptop gaming experience. These sleek, powerful gaming rigs are powered by the new NVIDIA Turing GPU architecture and the revolutionary RTX platform. RTX graphics bring together real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence, and programmable shading. Both Laptops sport RTX 20 Series Graphics card.


Latest 9th Intel® Core™ i7 processor powers up with 10% performance gains over the previous generation. Both laptops sport a 9th Generation Intel Core i7 processor which is the latest one right now.


If you really want to learn something from the laptop and as a Tech Raj Fan! I think you should go with something that has better battery life, better keyboard and the one which weighs the less. As per our conclusion, GE65 raider has a 240Hz display which eats up the battery thus we would recommended you to go with GP75 Laptop series.

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