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Indian Startup Community Prefers WhatsApp over Slack and Telegram


Communication is the key in any business and it can either make or break a company especially in its early stages. With modern advancements in technology, there is no doubt that the platforms for communication has expanded. In the meantime, a dilemma for choosing a platform that suits the best for the community has arisen. In a recent tweet by Vijay Anand – founder and CEO of Startup Centre, WhatsApp seems to be the preferred channel for Indian startups.

Mr. Anand started the Twitter poll asking his followers to choose a “good channel to create a real-time startup group for the community” from options including WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, and Discord.

270 people responded to the poll and among the respondents, 37% of people chose the Facebook-owned WhatsApp messaging platform. Slack, the app that serves as a complete package for work-related discussions and collaborations came second with 29% votes.

Telegram closely follows Slack as 27% of respondents chose it to be their preferred channel for business-related communication. The gamers-favorite Discord came last with a mere 7% votes.

The tweet got responses from people explaining why they prefer one messaging platform over the other. The reason why people choose WhatsApp is that it is more user-friendly and has better engagement when compared to other platforms. On the other hand, people are not comfortable sharing their mobile numbers for making a business-related conversation on WhatsApp. It is also noted to be “distracting” and “unorganized”.

Slack has its advantages with threads and channels for efficiently organizing conversations. However, the app has less engagement and is not reliable when it comes to timely notifications and alerts.

Telegram comes bundled with a lot of sophisticated features to efficiently manage groups but the relatively less popularity makes it difficult for businesses to engage people. Discord is seen as a gamer’s platform here in India and businesses are usually skeptical to get into it thereby ruling it off from the chart.

So, which app do you prefer for work-related communications? Tell us in the comments.

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